My front doors were kicked in, broken and I had been robbed. I called my friend's favorite handyman, Wally Sikora to come out and get an estimate to replace the doors. Because I was shaken and the house was not secure Wally came in short order. I was certain the doors would have to be totally replaced to be safe. Wally was worried for my safety and got specialized repair parts, a new door knob locks and a sliding bolt lock for the inside to inexpensively make the house, in fact, more secure than it was before the break-in. As an added plus, it looked good and not damaged. Eventually, I did decide to put in new doors because I was selling the house. By then I had saved the money to do the job. I think other handymen would have jumped on the replacing the doors job which was about $2000. Also, I was relieved and impressed that he was concerned enough about my safety to fix the doors immediately. Of course I called Wally to do the new doors which he found for me at a good price. Kate

When my elderly parents

moved into a new rental house there were some faucet and refrigerator problems. The house was under warranty so the landlord wanted to use their service referral source. They fixed the faucet and disposal. They were supposed to order a part for the refrigerator and return in a few days. Food had to be kept in coolers with expensive dry ice and much of it thrown out. After two weeks the final decision was that the freezer and refrigerator, problem was dirt and dust build up on the coils and therefore was not covered under warranty . It was a maintenance problem.

Fed up and knowing his quick response to problems, I called Wally Sikora immediately. Wally came that day fitting them in his schedule especially because of my parents age and health problems. He found the problem quickly which revealed the other repairman's assessment was totally bogus. Wally did not have to do it, but he took the time to totally defrost the freezer, clean it up and would have had the correct part replaced had it not been late in the day. He also helped my parents look at the food after helping them understand much had been stored at an inadequate temperature to be safe for eating. Together they disposed of the food.
The next morning, Wally was there and finished the repair and also fixed the ice maker which had been deemed as irreparable. I contacted the landlord to cover his fees. The landlord was very pleased and wanted to contact Wally to get the technical information so he could attempt to get the proper coverage by his home warrant company. Wally not only took the time to call the landlord, but he also had taken photos to prove his assessment. The landlord was ecstatic as he was able to win his case against the insurance company and get reimbursed.
Wally is expert, but better yet he is compassionate and takes in consideration extenuating circumstances as opportunities to offer better care for his clients. He therefore, is "Our Handyman and Refrigeration Expert." K.K. (name withheld at their request)
Helping Hands does it All We hired Walter to help us make some marvelous changes to our home. We really appreciated the way he was able to do all aspects of the job, from moving plumbing and electrical to drywall and painting. He totally transformed our main bathroom, updating it and making it very modern. He removed the cruddy old soffit and re-did the ceiling to really open it up.

He also repainted our entire home. Thank you Walter. Your work was a key factor in our selling the home so quickly. Kevin Thall
Excellent Work, Wally! I have used Wally many, many times over the last 25 years. He saved me thousands when he found my air conditioner compressor was shot but noticed it was within the warranty period and helped get the manufacturer to pay for it! He's serviced my air conditioning regularly, and always been efficient, completed the work accurately with no further problems, and been friendly in the process. I've also used his handy skills to help change a room for me to completely revise how I could use it and added a door where there was none. Beautiful job on that and many compliments from others. Wally is the guy I call for the work in my home! Elizabeth Anne



Old a/c

New a/c installed

No back patio

Patio cover built

Old tub

Tub replaced with tile added

Old archway

Replaced with french doors

Old entryway

Exterior door installed

Old drywall

Drywall repair

Old drywall

Drywall repair

Old shower entry

Shower entry

Old air conditioner

New air conditioner installed

Old handrail

Handrail fabrication



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