honey do's

honey do's
  • Do you have a project - or a list of them that you need done around your home? I provide many services for individuals who need anything from small projects to larger ones. Below is a partial list of what I can do for you. And if you don’t see what you need done please give me a call since I do many other things and may be able to handle your project as well.

testimonial: My front doors were kicked in, broken and I had been robbed. I called my friend's favorite handyman, Wally Sikora to come out and get an estimate to replace the doors. Because I was shaken and the house was not secure Wally came in short order. I was certain the doors would have to be totally replaced to be safe. Wally was worried for my safety and got specialized repair parts, a new door knob locks and a sliding bolt lock for the inside to inexpensively make the house, in fact,... read more...

  • Assemble items purchased – tables, chairs, shelves, desks, and more!
  • Door bell installation and repair
  • Doorknob, lock, and deadbolt installation and repair
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Hang or remove Christmas decorations

  • Repair cabinet doors
  • Brace shelving
  • Hang pictures
  • Fence and Gate Repair
  • Smoke detector repair or replacement
  • Maintenance of R/O systems and filter replacements
  • Lawn sprinkler repair
  • Replacement and removal of blinds and sunscreen
  • Installation of bathroom grab bars, handrails, and adaptive equipment
  • Pool and spa pump repairs
  • Replace air conditioning filters
  • Bird extraction from ventilation systems
  • Cabinet doorknob and hinge replacement and repair


Contact Wally: wally@azhelpinghandrepairs.com